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Adam Israel
Q&A: Why is Scrivener using my old contact information? 
31st-Jul-2014 12:16 pm

For the past few years, I’ve had to manually update the contact information in the header of every Scrivener project I’ve created. It was defaulting to an old email and physical address, but somehow had the correct phone number.

Scrivener can pull your contact information from the OS X application Contacts, if you add the string “(Scrivener:UseMe)” to the notes of your contact card. As it turns out, I had done that already but my card has all of my email addresses (work and home) as well as my current and past physical addresses. In that case, Scrivener just uses the first phone, email, and physical address it finds.

The solution is simple, and doubly useful if you write under a pseudonym. Create a new contact card with the information you want in your manuscript’s cover page. Don’t forget to add “(Scrivener:UseMe)” to the notes section of your new contact, and remove it from the old.

The next time you create a project in Scrivener, it will use your new contact.

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