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Adam Israel
Off with the Sloth 
30th-Jul-2011 12:43 am

I’ve survived day two of walking myself into a non-round shape. It’s not an easy task. Fibromyalgia, my version of it, includes bouts of fatigue. I tried doing something as simple as lunges as part of my friend Sandra’s virtual bootcamp; twenty minutes of that put me into a fatigue crash that had me sleeping 36 out of the next 48 hours and, frankly, weeks of depression just thinking about that failure.

Exercise can induce/worsen Fibromyalgia symptoms but exercise also ease symptoms. It’s a bit of a catch-22, frankly. The other benefits of getting my fat ass in motion is improving my quality of life, extending my lifespan, curtailing my type-2 diabetes and all sorts of other things.



I’m taking small steps to start. Walking, and gradually — very gradually — working my way up. Two days, five miles. An hour a day, in the late afternoon when I’m most tempted to take a nap. Ultimately, this is a lifestyle change and radical changes are less likely to stick. For me, at least.

Walking is good. It’s a solitary thing for me and it always puts me in a good headspace. Today, for example, I worked out how to fix some problems in a story I want to revise and submit soon. Then I spent the rest of the time listening to what may be the most awesome walking/running song ever created on repeat: The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner by Iron Maiden.

Settling into a proper schedule between writing, working, and exercise is really doing good things. I’m already feeling more energetic and I’ve written more words this week than the whole month combined.

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31st-Jul-2011 12:24 am (UTC)
When my fibromyalgia was worst, I certainly found that exercise gave me a better mood even if I still hurt. Although, yeah, you have to ease into exercise I think more than a normal person.

And I love thinking about story stuff while walking too. With dog having no yard most of my days now involve 30 minutes to an hour of walking her.
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