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Adam Israel
Extinct Doesn’t Mean Forever 
6th-Apr-2011 01:27 pm


I realize that I neglected to mention that the anthology Extinct Doesn’t Mean Forever, containing my story Indigo’s Gambit, is now available on Amazon.

Three, two, one, bang — the Drifting Star skipped on the wave of a collapsing micro-sun, soaring through the void between the stars. The astronautical library contained surveys and charts on hundreds of thousands of star systems within the alliance of civilized worlds the Fringe called Sing Xu. This would be the thirty-eighth Indigo had visited since his journey toward the core planets began. So far none contained a world suitable to revive the Oshen race.

I’m happy that this story found a home. I wrote it several years ago for a different anthology but didn’t get accepted. Themed anthologies can be tricky beasts — the market is flooded with stories that didn’t make the cut. Patience paid off, though, and this anthology came along.

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