Adam Israel (stonetable) wrote,
Adam Israel

AlterNaNoWriMo 2010 – #alternano

November 1st is here and that means NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month. As someone who is a short story writer, I often look at my friends writing the long form with some envy. They have their own month and I don’t want to be left out so I tell myself that I will finally write one of those novel ideas I’ve been noodling on for forever. Just when I think I’ve picked one and made a decision, the weight of  my backlog of revisions, rewrites, or markets I want to submit to smacks me like a brick. So, I’m doing AlterNaNoWriMo.

The rules of AlterNaNoWriMo are simple:

  1. Just like the real NaNoWriMo, the work you’re rewarded for begins on November 1st and ends at midnight on November 30th but doesn’t have to be a novel, or even 50,000 words.
  2. Be accountable. Blog and/or tweet tweet (with the #alternano hash tag) your goal(s) your progress.

My goals:

  • Write every day
  • Weekly blog status updates
  • Daily twitter status updates
  • Draft a secret santa story
  • Draft, revise, & submit Eye of the People for 20spec
  • Draft, revise, & submit Tesla’s Daughter for 20spec
  • Rewrite sineater/psychometry story
  • Rewrite gluttony story
  • Revise The Way Out is Through

I think I convinced a couple people to do #alternano with me this weekend, which was awesome and inspiring and deserves a post of its own, once I’ve had a chance to catch my breath.

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