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Adam Israel
Sparkpunk won’t stand for that crap anymore 
19th-Oct-2010 04:03 am

I should have known I was in for a rough day when I woke up to rain. Not that rain is unusual, but I’d never seen it rain in Santa Monica before. It was a nice rain, though, the kind that you don’t mind walking to work in. After a weekend spent riding buses and enjoying the company of good friends (not that I’m complaining), I found myself in a deficit of spoons, though. If I were practical, I would have come back to the hotel right after work and gone straight to bed. Instead, I went for tea and wrote. A twitter conversation Friday night completely changed what I was planning to do for the 20spec anthology and I was eager to get started.

Project: Sparkpunk! Nikola Tesla, genius superhero, fights his power-hungry nemesis in a New York City where death looms overhead and one never knows when a giant fucking robot is going to get in your way.
New words written: 699
Reason for stopping: End of scene

There’s been an increase in media awareness of bullying lately, and more people have been coming out to share their stories of being bullied. I have my own tale to tell, in time, but until then, I leave you with this. I tend to be a fan of Eminem’s work and his poetical lyrics. The message in this is blunt, and not safe for work:

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