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Adam Israel
Travel ahoy 
10th-Oct-2010 10:38 pm

It’s a good feeling to put the word END after the last paragraph of a manuscript. This story was born week five of Clarion but I couldn’t make it work then. A little bit of time away and with four days of sporadic effort, it’s a story. Rough around the edges like any first draft but I expect those will be caught when I sent it to beta readers later this week. Shitty first draft or not, I’m pleased with how it’s turned out so far.

Project: Sex/magic story, now with more poly love, a plump dominatrix, a Chicago swinger’s club, and one pissed off magician, tentatively titled The Way Out is Through.
New words written: 484
Reason for stopping: End of story

Tomorrow is a travel day for me. Back to Santa Monica for a week of work and, with luck, more success in finding a room or apartment for rent. While I’m galavanting across the country, I’ll be outlining my story for the 20Spec anthology, which is open for submissions on October 11th. The plan is to get The Way Out is Through sent off to a couple of beta readers and then work on the first draft of my tale of Romani revenge, Eye of the People.

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