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Adam Israel
I should have brought my ink well 
9th-Oct-2010 04:22 am

One good thing, maybe the only good thing, about being so far removed from friends and family is that there isn’t much social life to speak of. That means on Friday night, after a post-work nap, I made some serious story progress. If all goes according to plan, I’ll make draft on this by the end of the weekend. Next I only need a title.

Project: Tantric sex/magic story, now with more poly love, a plump dominatrix, a Chicago swinger’s club, and one pissed off magician.
New words written: 1,149
Reason for stopping: Out of ink. Literally.


I postpone death by living, by suffering, by error, by risking, by giving, by loving. — Anais Nin

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