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Adam Israel
Lemon Lyme 
14th-May-2010 02:18 am

I had hopefully one of the last post-divorce court dates this morning. Nothing terribly surprising came out of it. Judge says I need to pay my ex’s lawyer fees since I didn’t meet the original terms of the agreement (to which my attorney still argues was an impossibility). That’s a hard lesson chalked up to experience. Never be afraid to question your lawyer, or fire them, if you don’t think they have your best interest at heart. This morning boils down to:

  • I owe a bunch of money I don’t have
  • I don’t have a lot of time to pay it

I’ll be figuring out a plan of action over the next week, but I’ll find a way of pulling it off and put that bill behind me. It may be time to say goodbye to my desktop computer and monitors, though. Anything I can do without, I will. I’m pretty accustomed to life on the laptop now anyways. Frankly, the more I can get rid of, the less I have to move and the sooner I can do it.

Health-wise, it’s been an odd week. I had a theory about all of the symptoms I’m having. Between the autoimmune and similarities between Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and Lyme Disease, I decided to get re-tested for Lyme. I spent last summer taking care of Dad in Wisconsin and had more than a few tick bites for my efforts. The good news is that test came back negative. The bad means we’re no closure to figuring out what’s wrong. Next week, I hope, will start bringing some answers.

I’ve also had three nights this week where I’ve been in bed before 10pm and slept more than 8 hours. That’s highly unusual for me. It felt good while it lasted. The insomnia and restlessness seems to be back tonight, but hey, I also wrote 300 words of a new story so I won’t complain.

Tomorrow I’m off by train to Chicago for the day. I have a meeting for the day job that will hopefully lead to bigger and brighter things for the company. More resources means more time I can spend doing the things that make money, which takes care of many of our current worries.

My friends and family, you are all awesome. I miss being home with Andrea and the menagerie dearly but this is turning into a life lesson about getting things done that need doing and not procrastinating. Summer will fly by, debts will be settled, and life will move on together.

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14th-May-2010 09:31 am (UTC)
This time next year...

Hang in there, Adam :)
14th-May-2010 01:12 pm (UTC)
Argh. The negative result is always good news even if you still don't know what's wrong. (At least you know one thing that it isn't.) I hope your live stabilizes out to something good for you sooner rather than later.
14th-May-2010 11:07 pm (UTC)
I wish you all the best and I wish I could do something to help.
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