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Adam Israel
The State of Adam 
10th-Apr-2010 12:01 am

I used to think I was a superhero. A rotund, pasty, privileged superhero, but superhero none the less. I’ve held jobs more or less consistently since the time I was twelve. How much I work became a running joke among my friends. I abused my body with unhealthy amounts of caffeine to squeeze more work hours out of each day, and I did this for years without much of a break.

Last year when my Dad needed surgery, we packed up our dog and cat show and headed north to take care of him. I worked my forty plus, ran errands, made sure doctors appointments were made and kept, and did the occasional shuffle from Tomahawk, WI to Minneapolis, MN for check-ups with the surgeons. Three months later, Dad was healed up and I was falling apart, freshly diagnosed with at least one pinched nerve and Diabetes.

My body had been trying to tell me something and I finally had to stop and listen. “Only human.”

Tomorrow I’m heading back to Illinois. There’s one more post-divorce court date to attend to. More importantly, I’m *cough* getting to that age when it’s prudent to get ones pipes cleaned and tubes checked. I can’t ignore the aches, pains and lumps any longer. The doctor awaits my arrival Monday morning and there I’ll stay until we get things fixed.

I have a lot of things to look forward to: an awesome wife and best friend, adventures living in a new country, writing. Who knows, maybe kids will be in our cards, too. I need to be as healthy as I can so I can enjoy that life.

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10th-Apr-2010 05:18 pm (UTC)
Adam, exactly so. I'm very glad to hear you're taking steps to take better care of yourself -- lord knows, I've been in those shoes. "What's a few more hours/one more task/a little more overtime" and next thing you know, you're trying to get by on two or three hours of sleep, caught in snatches here and there (more than once, in the car between different jobs, or before a class.)

Until you break down like an engine run too hot for too long, without enough oil in it.
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