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Adam Israel
Achievements and goals 
3rd-Jan-2010 09:00 pm

On the heels of yesterdays post about Booklife and my personal mission statement, I have added My Booklife to the sidebar. From here, I have posted and will keep updated my public weekly, monthly, 1 year and 5 year goals. I’ve also included my list of career achievements.

I’m feeling pretty good about how things are shaping. I’m starting the year with a more or less clean slate; new domain, new blog, and new goals. That should help me keep track of things, in my special obsessive-compulsive sort of way.

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5th-Jan-2010 03:39 pm (UTC)
That's a lot of goalage. And goal record-keepage, which usually leads me to self-flagellation territory.
5th-Jan-2010 04:58 pm (UTC)
It is a lot at first glance. The initial setup was time-consuming but I don't think the upkeep will be bad. I'm astoundingly bad with meeting deadlines and goals without some kind of formal organizing.

I'm giving this experiment a year to see how it pans out. I know it's not for everyone, but nothing ever is. If anything, the discipline of record keeping will be good for me.
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