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Adam Israel
Help the Robinsons 
28th-Dec-2009 11:15 pm

Jeanne and Spider Robinson need your help.

Earlier his year a brilliant surgeon, Dr. Andresz Busczowski, helped Jeanne Robinson beat back a rare and virulent form of biliary cancer. But it’s so rare even he can’t say how much time he‘s bought her, how soon it might recur—and her latest blood tests have been so discouraging they’ve now decided she needs to start chemotherapy as soon as possible. Besides the prescription drugs to counteract the chemotherapy, she needs special therapies and supplements, counseling, and extensive diet and lifestyle changes, to reduce her stress level and the strain on her liver to as close to zero as possible. All those things are expensive…and like many artists today the Robinsons were already running on fumes financially.

The Robinsons are good people. I met them, briefly, at the Heinlein Centennial a few years ago. Like me, they are big proponents of paying it forward. Now, in their time of need, it’s their turn to be on the receiving end of good will. Friends held a benefit auction and concert, We Dream of Jeanne, but it’s not too late to contribute via check or Paypal. Also, by way of Mathew Sanborn Smith, all proceeds from the sale of Lord Dickens’s Declaration, an eBook by Larry Santoro, will go to Jeanne and Spider. Hurry, though. The last day for this is December 30th.

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