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Adam Israel
Link Salad for January 8th, 2009 
8th-Jan-2009 03:50 pm

Cory Doctorow: Writing in the Age of Distraction. This couldn’t be a more timely column for me. I feel like I’m in a constant battle against distraction. What works for Cory might not work for everyone but the advice and reasoning is damn solid.

Health Insurance is a bitch. Short version: man with COPD needs a double lung transplant to live but he can’t get on the waiting list until he has $500,000 to $1,000,000 in cash or insurance benefits. Please spread the word or donate, if you’re so able.

Today is day 13 of 14 for Apex Book’s sales drive. I just ordered every back issue of the magazine they had in stock. It’s one of my hands-down favorite zines to read.

Via Jetse de Vries, space is louder than we expected. Cosmic radio background is six times louder than expected.

Jay lake ponders cultural authority and presumed expertise. I’m following the discussion with vested interest. I have and will continue to write characters that are non-white, non-middle class. Having an awareness of what you’re doing — and of readers default expectations — are critical.

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8th-Jan-2009 10:14 pm (UTC)
I considered adding the space sound link to one of my news posts, but decided that the levitation was cooler. Considering the age of the captured radio noise it's probably just galaxies honking their cosmic horns before collisions.
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