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Adam Israel
Can you believe this? I go to my first class last night ( History… 
15th-Sep-2000 11:44 am
Can you believe this? I go to my first class last night ( History 188: CIA Wars ), and the teacher never shows! We ended sitting there for nearly an hour before we all left. I guess this teacher has a habit of always being late for class. He's supposed to be a great teacher, but I hope he's a bit more punctual than last night. I started reading through the text for my Fiction Writing class while I waited, and the book is great! I'm an English major, and writing is my thing, and I think that I'll like that class. I took a Childrens Lit. and English Comp. 101 over the summer, and they were OK, but I couldn't really write about what I wanted to. If the teacher follows what this book talks about, it's going to be a very fun class!

And I have my C++ class tomorrow morning, bright and early. The text was expensive ($70), and I hope I actually get something out of it. I skimmed through it already, and the first half of the book covers things I already know. An easy 'A', as long as I show up for class, I guess.
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