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Adam Israel
Contests and Anthologies 
4th-Aug-2008 06:01 pm

The Weird Tales Spam contest is now closed to submissions. They received 150 submissions, and the winners will be announced on Saturday at WorldCon. The winners of the Return to Luna contest will also be announced on Saturday at 4PM, also at WorldCon. We aren’t able to make the trip to Denver this year but I’ll be keeping an eye out for both announcements. I have a horse in both races.

This was a busy weekend for announcements. Two new contests and two new anthologies are on the horizon, all of which have peaked my interest. Details are below.

Shroud Magazine is holding a Halloween haiku horror contest. Better hurry, though. The deadline is August 8th.

Byzarium announced their latest Flash Fiction contest. The prompt for the contest is “Rebuilding” by Kiriko Moth. It’s a fabulous piece of art and should provide for some interesting stories.

John Joseph Adams, assistant editor of F&SF and editor of several of the anthologies on my bookshelf, has announced his latest project: Federations.

From Star Trek to Star Wars, from Dune to Foundation, science fiction has a rich history of exploring the idea of vast intergalactic societies, and the challenges facing those living in or trying to manage such societies. The stories in Federations will continue that tradition.

I’m fairly excited about this anthology. I have a few ideas bouncing around my head that may fit the theme. The reading period opens on November 1st and ends January 1st, 2009.

Hadley Rille Books has announced Footprints, an anthology to be edited by Jay Lake and Eric T. Reynolds.

Long after our species and all its works have turned to dust, the moon landing sites will still show evidence of our time here on Earth. Imagine future explorers from among the stars interpreting that. The astronauts’ footprints should last longer than the fossils in the Olduvai Gorge have.

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10th-Sep-2008 01:31 am (UTC)
So, you heard from Byzarium right? I haven't heard a thing. I wonder if I should query about messing up on the deadline.

And, a random cool note: I actually ended up with an Honorable Mention in the Weird Tales Spam Flash Fiction contest! I got an email about a week or so after the submission deadline.

I haven't said anything on the LJ because they haven't put anything on the website yet (beyond "There were honorable mentions"), but they said they were going to post the HMs on the site. We'll see...I was super-jazzed when I got the email, though!

- yeff
10th-Sep-2008 01:48 am (UTC)
It sounds like you did miss the deadline after all. Leigh posted today and said they've selected the winner. They'll also be posting the image for the next contest on Monday.

Congrats on the HM from Weird Tales! I've been watching the website. No email for me, though.
10th-Sep-2008 05:45 am (UTC)
I went ahead and posted the question on her LJ, so we'll see what she says.

Thanks on the HM! It was a fun story, so that's one of the reasons I'm eager to have it on the website. The spam I used was "Look Good and FEEL GOOD Jeff Soesbe" along with another spam from Colonic Cleansing. So, yes, there's poop in the story. Lots of poop.

- yeff
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