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Adam Israel
Writing Progress 
5th-Jan-2008 02:21 am

I finished the latest round of revisions to "Alien Gurgitator" tonight, weighing in at 1,630 words. The feedback from my beta readers (and you know who you are) was invaluable. Another few reads, a bit more polish and I think it's ready to hit the slush piles.

This marks the first fully complete story written since the workshop last summer (where I got the idea for this story). It's given me a nice sense of accomplishment. I spent the summer and fall working on revising the stories I workshopped. I felt like I was just spinning my wheels a bit, so I shelved them, broke out my notebook and started writing longhand. Boy did that work out well for me.

I'm pleased with the progress I've made writing-wise so far. I plan on showing my gratitude for what the fine folks at the CSSF Workshop (Jim, Chris, and Kij) have done for me by getting published in 2008.

5th-Jan-2008 05:24 pm (UTC)
That is excellent! Congratulations!

And good luck on getting published this year :).
5th-Jan-2008 09:11 pm (UTC)

And that's exactly the best way to show gratitude for a writing workshop *g* Good luck!
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