Adam Israel (stonetable) wrote,
Adam Israel


I'm falling very far behind on my Nano novel. Not hopelessly behind, but behind enough that hitting 50k is going to require some serious effort.

I drove to Detroit last Wednesday for meetings, drove back on Saturday and attended Windycon Saturday and Sunday. Add quite a bit of personal turmoil into the mix, shake and stir. I spent today getting things in order and tomorrow I'll get back to the writing.

I had a good time at Windycon. I sat through some fun panels, including one on Zombification (with Tobias Bucknell) and one about Baen's Universe with Eric Flint and Mike Resnick. I've seen Eric a few times and always enjoyed his panels. Mike and Tobias were both great panelists.

I ran into writers group members Tim and Trey, and my friend Aaron, who was in to promote ConClave.

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