Adam Israel (stonetable) wrote,
Adam Israel


Long story short, I've decided to switch back to Moveable Type running on I'll be cross-posting to my LiveJournal, so my friends who read me there will be able to continue uninterrupted.

The nitty-gritty boring stuff follows.

I used Moveable Type when I first registered sometime in the 90's (whois will only show back to 2000, when I had to pay to recover it after letting the registration lapse). At the time, I only had a passing knowledge of perl so I couldn't do much in the way of custom modifications. Eventually I just installed WordPress, since I knew PHP fairly well and everyone else I knew seemed to be using it.

That lasted for quite a number of years. It's run well for me, but I decided it was time for a change for a number of reasons. I did switch to LiveJournal for a couple of months with the ultimate goal of combining the two. I was just struggling with the right way to do it. That's when I came across Joseph John Adams solution. He had the exact type of setup I wanted, so I sent him and email and asked him how he did it. As it turns out, he's just using Moveable Type on his website, and a now-defunct plugin called ljcrosspost that I managed to find a copy of. With it, I can keep posting to the domain that has really become my online identity and those posts will be automatically posted to my LiveJournal. I really like the community feel of LiveJournal and I'll continue to be active there. This just gives me a way to utilize both channels.

Another reason for the switch is that I now breath, eat, and sleep perl at my day job. I prefer it over any of the programming languages I've used in my career. Since the core of Moveable Type is perl, I feel completely comfortable writing plugins and hacking in to it whatever I feel I need.

I'm using a stock theme right now, but fitting given my location. I'll spend some time tweaking the theme and sidebar when I'm bored.
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