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Adam Israel
The cycle begins 
10th-Aug-2007 08:40 pm
Form rejection last night, so I went out today and bought labels, a box of 9x10 envelopes and a box of #10 envelopes for SASE. I'm going to hold on to the rejected story for a week and get a few more critiques on it as a kind of gut check. I did send out a different story, though. Thus the cycle begins. My goal is one new story submitted each month, on top of the rejects going back out the door.

Two of three workshop stories are rewritten. The third looks like it wants to be a novella, perhaps even a novel. I'm going to give it some breathing room and consider my options. Already working on the next WIP, an idea that came to me during the workshop. I wanted to challenge myself with something a bit different. This is both longer than any of my recent stories (estimating it should come in around 6k words), and falls somewhere between alternate history and harder science fiction than I usually write.
(Deleted comment)
11th-Aug-2007 10:31 pm (UTC)
That's not a bad idea. I didn't add the listed response time, but I do have an "Days in Limbo" column that calculates how many days the story has been out :)
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