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Adam Israel
6th-Aug-2007 03:33 pm
We're home. The dogs are home. Normal chaos is restored.

I sat through lots of great panels and a few duds this weekend. I met a bunch of people from Absolute Write for drinks and dinner Saturday night. That was a blast. I sat through panels on publishing, agents and what they get for their 10% 15%, manuscript preparation, publishing short fiction, and anything else relating to getting published.

I'm definitely as prepared as I'm going to be for submitting my short stories. Two are out now. I have a third that needs one more pass with the red pen before I send it out.
And I'm contemplating the dreaded first novel. (To be honest, it's more like the second novel, except I never actually finished the first one.)

It started off as a short story (some of you may have read it as "Narang"). I ended up cutting out a lot of the story to make it fit as a short story, which it never really did. I've spent a good amount of time considering the idea of turning this into a novella or even a novel. I think I have enough material to spin it out over 100k words or so. Heck, I even have ideas for a sequel.  Grand plans, all of them.

To start, I sat down today at lunch and started writing a synopsis and outline. Even if I only manage 1,000 words/day, as long as I'm consistent with that I could complete a first draft in 3-4 months.

What have I got myself in to?
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