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Adam Israel
Data Center update 
14th-Jul-2007 03:22 pm
Nineteen servers
Two switches
One load balancer
Twenty-six hours awake
Three hours of sleep before our sales rep called to ask me how the move went.

The move was a spectacular success.  Minimal downtime, no injuries, and no broken equipment.  We're back in the data center now, upgrading some hardware and migrating our DNS server.  Tomorrow afternoon, we can move the last two pieces of equipment and be on our way.

I'll have to make a few trips back this week.  Once all of the servers are moved, I have to get the data center people to "de-energize" my power units, carry them up to the new facility, and ask those people to "re-energize" them. When it's all over, I'll have the room/power/network to double my capacity.
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