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Adam Israel
Data Center blues 
12th-Jul-2007 04:07 pm
I've only been home for a couple days and I'm already heading back out on the road.

I've been working for the past couple months to move our work servers to a new provider.  Our current data center is more of a DIY service.  If I have new hardware to be installed, I have to physically install it myself.  Once upon a time I enjoyed that kind of work, but I'm learning the art of delegation.  Mastering that dark art will be the key to making the time to do things other than work.

Our new provider is great.  I can ship them new servers.  They will physically put the hardware in my rack and install the operating system of my choice.  All we'll have to do is install our software, which we do remotely. If a server malfunctions, they'll attach an IP-KVM (a device that let's me access it remotely as if I were physically in front of it). Pure bliss.

The contract is signed, so tomorrow I'll head downtown and spend another couple days living from a hotel. Flavio, one of my awesome employees, will fly in and spend the weekend with me in the cold, dark data center.

If everything goes well, I'll be charging some kind of charred meat to the company and be home and in bed sometime Sunday night.

I haven't made it out to see Harry Potter yet, either.  Boo.
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