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Adam Israel
Tonight a group of us went to see the new Transformers movie.  I… 
4th-Jul-2007 01:19 am
Tonight a group of us went to see the new Transformers movie.  I have been apprehensive about seeing a remake of one of my favorite childhood cartoons, but my fears turned out to be unfounded.  Yes, Bumblebee will always and forever be a Volkswagen Beetle to me.  Besides the continuity issues, the movie was action-packed, campy fun.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is our last workshop day.  Thursday sometime I'll pack up and drive to Kansas City.  Dena flys in on a late flight, and we'll be staying at the Westin Hotel for the Heinlein Centennial.  The only people I know there will be the ones I've met at the workshop.  It should be a good opportunity to meet some new faces.

We'll be getting home sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday next week.  I'm not entirely sure which day yet.  We haven't decided which route we're going to take.  We may swing through St. Louis, or we might visit the Amana Colonies in Iowa.  Either way it will be an adventure.

It's going to take me a little time to digest everything I've learned here at the workshop.  I'll be posting my thoughts on the workshop experience, lessons learned, and some writing exercises I've assembled after I've had a chance to spend time with Dena, sleep and play with the dogs. 

The three workshop stories will go through one more round of rewrites before I start sending them out.  I'm aiming to have that done this month.  I've got a few other stories that I'd like to get working on soon, but my first priority needs to be finishing the ones I already have written.  They're mostly where they need to be, or I at least know what I need to do to get them there.
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