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Adam Israel
The first week of the workshop is over. I'm tired and still… 
1st-Jul-2007 10:08 am
The first week of the workshop is over. I'm tired and still processing everything, which I suspect will take weeks to fully seek in and be realized.

Yesterday was a more relaxed day. I went shopping in downtown Lawrence and bought a few t-shirts:

The Zelda shirt is for Dena; the rest are for me.

We all went out for dinner (I had Costa Rican Corn Tamales) and watched old Sci-Fi at mckitterick's house.  Johnny Quest, Flash Gordon (the serials from 1936) and some interviews with people about John W. Campbell.

Today's going to be a working day.  I need do some laundry and finish my rewrite of "Wholesale Goods" for group tomorrow.

2nd-Jul-2007 03:44 pm (UTC)
It seems like a nice area to live in. A great downtown area with lots of smaller businesses and plenty of big stores in the area. The rest of Kansas is purportedly flat but Lawrence is quite hilly. Plus, you can never go wrong with a college town.
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